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Graduated Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace


Here is a stunning AAA graduated aquamarine necklace. Each gemstone is set apart with tiny sterling silver spacer beads and finished with a Karen Silver hammered toggle clasp from Thailand. The beads run from 6 to 18mm in size, not too heavy, but perfect for that special outfit. For twice the impact, try this beauty with these matching earrings.

Treat someone special to this one-of-a-kind gift or buy it for yourself.

The necklace is 18 1/2" inches long.

Note: Aquamarine is a stone from the beryl family. Its name comes from the Latin, meaning sea water, as the color indicates. Its color ranges from blue to blue-green to a sea green and is closely related to the precious gem emerald. It has a vitreous luster and the color can be transparent to translucent. It has a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8. The metaphysical/healing properties of aquamarine are said to include its ability to release anger and negativity and replace them with peace and clarity. It provides emotional; and mental balance.

It occurs at most localities which yield ordinary beryl, some of the finest coming from Russia. The gem-gravel placer deposits of Sri Lanka contain aquamarine. Clear yellow beryl, such as occurs in Brazil, is sometimes called aquamarine chrysolite. When corundum presents the bluish tint of typical aquamarine, it is often termed Oriental aquamarine.

In the United States, aquamarines can be found at the summit of Mt. Antero in the Sawatch Range in central Colorado. In Brazil, there are mines in the statesof Minas Gerais, EspĂ­rito Santo and Bahia. Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya also produce aquamarine. The biggest aquamarine ever mined was found at the city of Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1910. It weighed over 110 kg, and its dimensions were 48.5 cm long and 42 cm in diameter.

Aquamarine is the official state gem of Colorado and Missouri.

Enjoy this unique piece of hand-crafted jewelry.

aaa graduated aquamarine necklace

N155 - SOLD

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