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hand-crafted jewelry from beautiful Bonny Doon

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O ffering a gallery of one-of-a-kind beaded and artisan designs wrapped in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled wire to complement the unique personality of the wearer.

Click on image for further information and purchase details.

rose quartz rondelle necklace

Rose Quartz Rondelle Necklace

rose quartz sparkler necklace

Rose Quartz Sparkler Necklace

african turquoise nugget necklace

African Turquoise Nugget Necklace

picasso jasper necklace

Picasso Jasper Rondelle Necklace

pearl & chalcedony necklace

Pearl & Chalcedony Necklace

smokey quartz cluster necklace

Smokey Quartz Cluster Necklace

blue chalcedony & pearl necklace

Blue Chalcedony and Pearl Necklace

turquoise nugget necklace

Turquoise Nugget Necklace

kiwi turquoise pearls and peridot necklace

Kiwi Turquoise Pearls & Peridot Necklace

turquoise wavy coin necklace

Turquoise Wavy Coin Necklace

blue-green turquoise rondelle necklace

Blue-green Turquoise Rondelle Necklace

graduated blue-green turquoise necklace

Blue-green Turquoise Necklace

ruby jade faceted necklace

Ruby Jade Necklace

green chrysocolla necklace
Green Chrysocolla Necklace
9mm chrysocolla heishi necklace
Chrysocolla Heishi Necklace
graduated garnet necklace
Graduated Garnet Necklace
heishi turquoise necklace
Heishi Turquoise Necklace
garnet and moonstone necklace
Garnet and Moonstone Necklace
denim blue sparkler necklace
Denim Blue Sparkler Wire-wrapped Necklace
amethyst roundel necklace
Amethyst Roundel Necklace
tibetan turquoise roundel necklace
Tibetan Turquoise Roundel Necklace
sugilite with karen silver starfish focal pendant
Sugilite with Karen Silver Starfish Pendant
fancy jasper
Fancy Jasper
brazilian aventurine
Brazilian Aventurine
oriental jade
Oriental Jade
chilean chrysocolla
Chilean Chrysocolla
russian tourmaline nugget necklace
Tourmaline Nugget
pink peruvian opal
Pink Peruvian Opal
blue peruvian opal
Blue Peruvian Opal
afghani lapis lazuli
Afghani Lapis Lazuli
purple african turquoise
Purple African Turquoise
fire agate
Fire Agate
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Check back often as I'll be regularly adding new items.

Custom designs upon request.
Looking for something different?   Contact Suzanne

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