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Orbicular Jasper Designer Cab Pendant


Orbicular Jasper's distinctive patterns are made up of round or spherical inclusions of contrasting colors floating in solid jasper. The orbs can range in diameter from a millimeter to a centimeter, and frequently show a particularly dramatic concentric banding. This magnificent piece has well-defined orbs and surrounding puffy white "clouds" on a sea of beige. Its flat, pro-cut top has a lovely sheen. It is a thick stone so I've border-wrapped it in heavy 20 ga. square wire.

Treat someone special to this one-of-a-kind gift or buy it for yourself.

The pendant measures 2 1/2" from top of bail and is 1 1/4" wide at the base.

Note: Orbicular Jasper is so-named for the many small spheres or "orbs" in its matrix, which appear as circles or eyes on cut section. Orbicular Jasper was discovered in tidal waters on the north-west coast of Madagascar; hence, some have described their stock as "Ocean Jasper." Jasper was a favorite gem in ancient times and is referenced in Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin literature. It is a massive, fine-grained chalcedony and comes in all colors. Much of the carisite jasper comes from southern Oregon. The name jasper comes from the Greek and means "spotted stone." In brecciated jasper the rich colors are swirled through the stone. Jasper is believed to protect against sight defects and drought. It is both stabilizing and healing.

Enjoy this unique piece of hand-crafted jewelry.

rbicular jasper designer cab pendant

P509 - $50

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