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Eudialyte Designer Pendant


The name Eudialyte (pronounced yudai’ yelait) originated from the Greek “Eu”, meaning well and “Dialytos” meaning decomposable. This lovely designer cut comes from Russia. Note the high degree of chatoyance, desirable in good eudialyte. This stone also has loads of sparkle with deep magenta--very much a top drawer cab. To complement its outstanding beauty, I've given it an intricate topper of curls and swirls.

Treat someone special to this one-of-a-kind gift or buy it for yourself.

The pendant measures 1 5/8" from top of bail and is 1 1/8" wide at the base.

Note: Eudialyte is a rather rare mineral (actually composed of several minerals: sodium, calcium, cerium, iron, manganese, zirconium, silicon, hydrogen and chlorine) whose crystals are vitreous and translucent to transparent. It is normally found embedded in host rock and only occasionally forms crystal faces. Because of this and the fact that it has only a hardness of 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale, it is rarely cut as a gemstone. Still, its distinct color of deep magenta, sometimes with green, black or brown, makes it popular among mineral collectors.

Enjoy this unique piece of hand-crafted jewelry.

eudialyte designer pendant

P810 - SOLD

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