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Sonora Chrysocolla Designer Pendant


Often similar to turquoise in appearance, chrysocolla usually occurs as a bright green or bluish crust or as compact grapelike groups in copper mining areas, particularly Chile, the former USSR and Zaire. This particular stone comes from Arizona and is teardrop shaped with red and green vertical swaths of color over a dark matrix. (I took the photo in late afternoon light so the green looks rather blue here.) I've border wrapped it in 22ga sterling silver wire and finished the pendant with a double swirl and tiny claws. Enjoy this hard-to-find unusual stone. A sturdy hidden bail will accommodate most chains.

Treat someone special to this one-of-a-kind gift or buy it for yourself.

This pendant measures 2" from top of bail and is 3/4" wide.

Note: Chrysocolla is a copper bearing mineral found wherever copper deposits occur especially in areas of the southwestern USA, Chili, Zaire, Australia, France and England. It is often found mixed with azurite, malachite and turquoise. Pure chrysocolla is too soft for jewelry purposes but it is often found in quartz deposits which makes it hard enough to polish for cabochons. Folklore suggests chrysocolla is helpful in creativity, female energy and communication. Some lore ascertain it relieves ulcers and arthritis. Chrysocolla is associated with tranquility and peace, intuition, patience, and unconditional love. It is thought to offer gentle and soothing qualities. The lovely red in the stone is cuprite, sometimes known as ruby copper or red copper ore, an important copper ore found in long crystals, in fine-grained aggregates, or in massive deposits. It's Mohs hardness is 3.5 so is a fairly soft stone and therefore does not taake a high polish.

When combined with chrysocolla, it is sometimes called Christmas stone. Some stones are more cuprite, some more chrysocolla, but all are beautiful.

Enjoy this unique piece of hand-crafted jewelry.

sonora chrysocolla designer pendant

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