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Tourmaline Designer Pendant


This is the first tourmaline cabochon I've found. It's a gorgeous stone with lots of chatoyance; unfortunately, only the browns and not the blues were picked up by my camera. But if you hold it up to good light, it shimmers very much like a Labradorite. I've border-wrapped it in 21 gauge sterling wire and put a decorative topper with inward swirls and tiny curls at the top of the stone.

The pendant measures 3" from top of bail and is approximately 7/8" wide.

Note: Tourmaline gem stones have a colorful history. The crystals are formed in long, column-shaped formations and eventually become tourmaline gem stones. An Egyptian legend believes that as the crystals grew up from the earth, they encountered a rainbow and attained every color of the rainbow, giving the tourmaline gem stone a spectacular array of beauty.

Tourmalines that contain an abundance of iron are more black or brown in color, while tourmalines that are brownish yellow have lots of magnesium. Any tourmaline gem stone that contains lithium could result in colors that include red, pink, yellow, blue, and green. On more rare occasions, the lithium-filled tourmaline is colorless. A tourmaline gem stone with two colors is known as bi-colored tourmaline. If more than two colors are present, it is Tourmaline crystal. (The above description courtesy Wickipedia.) Tourmaline crystals are piezoelectric. When heated, the same crystal contains both a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other. Even when it is cut into smaller pieces, each piece still retains this unusual characteristic. Tourmalines are found in Germany, Brazil, Maine, Afghanistan, Africa and Sri Lanka.

tourmaline designer pendant

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