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Garnet Freeform Pendant


This gorgeous freeform pendant is just stunning. It has a semi-transparent appearance and a slightly domed top. I have wrapped it with 22 gauge sterling wire and given it my signature topper. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Treat someone special to this gift or buy it for yourself.

The pendant measures 1 1/2" from top of bail and is 1" wide.

Note: Garnets come in many different shapes and colors and have uses beyond that of gemstones.

Possibly the most versatile gemstone in the world, the garnet and its use can be traced back to Bronze-Age antiquity when it was primarily used as an abrasive. Even today industrial garnet production (used as a coating for sandpaper and to cut steel in water jets) is fifty times greater than the production of gemstone garnets.

Garnet deposits are found in Alaska, California, Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Idaho. As a child living in Bishop, CA, I often found garnet nuggets around Lake Crawley.

Garnet is also used as an indicator for determining the stages of rock formation. It is used in the process of defining the metamorphic stages of rocks and also to detect the formation of igneous rocks.

The pure crystals are used in gemstone jewelry. There are several different types of garnets, not all of them red. Some varieties may be pink to purple to brownish red, others may be green or even gold. Recently a blue garnet was discovered in Madagascar.

The most common type of garnets--and probably the most affordable--are Almandine and Pyrope. Rhodolite is also a popular type and is usually mined in India, Africa, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, while Tsavorite (a Grossular type) garnets are found in Kenya and Tanzania. Other types include Spessartine, Andradite and Uvarovite. Most garnets are varieties of aluminum silicates with a Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5.

The name "garnet" comes from the Greek word “granatum” which means pomegranate, a reference to the stone's similarity in color and form to a pomegranate seed.

Enjoy this unique piece of hand-crafted jewelry.

garnet freeform pendant

P936 - $45

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