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Moonstone Teardrop Pendant


Still another fine moonstone cab. This one is a lovely teardrop shape with excellent blue flash. There are minor healed fractures--common with any feldspar stone, but they are hardly noticeable and do not harm the stability or the good looks of the stone. I've border wrapped it using six lengths of 22 gauge sterling wire and given it my signature topper. A sturdy bail accommodates most chains.

The pendant measures 1 5/8" from top of bail and is 7/8" wide.

Note: Moonstone is a feldspar mineral, a potassium aluminum silicate with a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5. It was named after its blue-white sheen which is caused by its lamellar structure. Moonstones are found in Sri lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia, India and the United States. It is considered a stone of mystery, a gem of the high priestess.

blue fire moonstone teardrop pendant

P941 - SOLD

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